Sunday, August 26, 2007

Term 4 Consumer Awareness

Big Idea: Understanding the challenges and consequences of a wasteful society.

The increasing pace of change is becoming unimaginable and consumers are struggling to keep up.
A product’s life can be from only one use to a couple of years, very rarely do products we purchase today last a lifetime. Everything from houses to pot scrubs are becoming deposable. Electronic equipment is developing so quickly that the latest trends only last a month before there is an updated item available.

During this unit of work we will:
Explore the challenges we are facing in a changing technological world?
Discuss what we need to be aware of?
Examine the techniques companies use to sell a product?
Investigate some of the consumer pitfalls?
Explore and discuss the concept of planned obsolescence
Investigate and explore product quality.
Explore student questions and discuss student findings.
Use higher order thinking tools to explore a variety of concepts.
Use new knowledge and creative ideas to design and create a product and it’s packaging.