Monday, December 21, 2009

Bring on 2010 with blogging.

"Today, in a world of social networks young people have never written or read so much. And now, a new more robust survey in the UK shows conclusively that social networking, blogging and generally publishing writing online does improve students' attitudes to writing by about a sixth. I'd add that, in the hands of a good teacher's structured approach, the quality of that writing itself should be seen to improve, too. " - from an article written by Ewan McIntosh
Link - Ewan McIntosh on Blogging

Starting the year with motivated, active, engaged students will hopefully lead to success for all of our 2010 student body.

I have utilised student swaps and orientation session to set up ever 2010 Year 7 and 8 Student with a learning progress blog which they can work on as little or as much as they like over the holiday break.

Just the process was inspiring to watch with students teaching students, communicating, working together, problem solving and developing ideas to enhance their blog.

Students were highly engaged, skill levels were impressive and motivation extremely high. ' What a way to lead into a new year.