Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cutting edge teaching of literacy

Reading, Writing and Effective Feedback

Our story starters are now available to read on the class writing blog.

(Read, or listen to them using the listen now button)

Students have been working on creating descriptive passages as well as giving effective feedback. (As written in previous posts)

Now they will be reading the writing of their classmates and giving feedback (click on comments under each piece of writing to see comments.)

Wow - Reading, analysing, critiquing, developing an awareness of quality writing, learning new words from others, as well as developing an understanding the ‘Power of the Word’ and supporting others.

Listening to their work out loud makes them aware of errors, feedback from others gives them reassurance, and confidence. Reading the work of others gives them ideas. Feedback from the teacher gives them advice!

After a week of feedback students will print off their stories and comments.

This has been an extremely exciting process, with huge benefits to student leaning as well as have the class involved in a range of fabulous 'learning conversations'