Sunday, May 17, 2009

Accuracy for Writing Programme

The New Zealand Curriculum (Ministry of Education 08)
Stipulates that at Level 4 Students should:
• Demonstrate a good understanding of spelling patterns in written English, with few intrusive errors; (Function)
• Use a wide range of strategies to self-monitor correct spelling; (Process)
• Use a range of text conventions, including grammatical conventions, appropriately, effectively and with increased accuracy. (Function)

Literacy Learning Progressions (Ministry of Education 08)
By the end of year 8 Students will:
• Have a knowledge of common spelling patterns and morphemes; (Function)
• Review text to identify and address any problems, proofreading consistently and independently to correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, using appropriate print or computer-based tools. (Process)

• Accurately use complex punctuation, such as semicolons, colons, and parentheses (Function)

• Use increasingly complex sentences (eg sentences with dependent clauses) that are grammatically correct. (Function)

The challenge that we have been faced with is the debate around accuracy verses content, specifically vocabulary and language resources which are encouraged in writing but the use may affect accuracy. Also whether assessment used should include the editing process.
To cater for this we have separated the process and the function (result) and when teaching we will be focusing on either the process or the end product.

Also we will define the purpose of the writing and the need to be accurate for the propose of the writing. Clearly defined criteria and learning intentions used.